Ionisers, of which THE IONATOR is one, are huge in the US, Europe and Australia where they are more eco conscious, being that they are governed by “green laws”.

Chlorine, granulated and floaters, are the most widely used form of sanitizing one’s pool, closely followed by salt-chlorinators.

A Salt-chlorinator produces chlorine gas, thus your pool is “chlorinated” as well. The main difference between a salt-chlorinator and granulated chlorine is that the salt-chlorinated water is softer due to the fact that there is no lime/calcium content that is found in granulated chlorine.

Both chlorine and chlorinators cause your pool to have a toxic chlorine gas “cloud” over your pool surface where it is inhaled by swimmers. Both forms of chlorine are carcinogenic and can cause cancerous growths. This is especially concerning for children who spend a lot of time in and around the swimming pool. The chlorine is absorbed through the skin, and ingested while swimming. This affects one’s pets too, as they sometimes will drink straight from the pool.

Chlorine also has corrosive properties and will eat through pool pipes, especially inferior quality underground pipes which then cause leaks in your filtration pipework, which then results in the digging up of paving etc to repair.

When you install THE IONATOR on your pool system, you will be swimming in soft mineral drinking water, without all the toxic chemicals and resultant damage.